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Cabot Trail

biker brew

It's kick stands down.

I started my website cause I love helping riders get the most out of the Cabot Trail - in exchange, I ask that you buy my T-shirt. I love motorcycles, I love T-shirts. Oh yeah, I also love beer! Only available at Candid Brewery in my hometown of Antigonish. They have a tap room, and you can leave with cans of your own to take home. It comes in Normal version (a lager), and a 'Holy Fuck' version called "Kickstands Down", where you'll be well advised to keep the bike parked, 'cause it's a strong one. So good... a Western IPA. All proceeds go to my buddy Bryan, which gives him more money to buy shirts from me... always thinking, see... I made 2 shirt versions for my brew, which are top sellers in my online store. Click here to see the Long Sleeve Red and the Short Sleeve Grey version. You can meet me at the shop or invite me for a beer and I'll deliver if I can get away from work :)

Candid Brewery

  • Brewery with 7-12 varieties

  • Cabot Trail Biker Brew (Lager)

  • Cabot Trail Biker Brew, Kickstands Down (IPA)

Candid Brewery Looks like it has a 100 year history. My buddy Bryan Druhan is the brewmaster, who opened during Covid with his wife Louise. One location, Brewed on site, Tap Roop and carry out. Only place with my beer! Let me know how you've enjoyed it!

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