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Welcome to the Cabot Trail Biker Web Site

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First off, it’s awesome that you are considering the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia for your motorcycle miles. There are endless places to see on our bikes, and it is pretty damn cool that you’re coming here. Nova Scotia has some features that make it a great place to ride a bike, and I’m going to give you some tips on how to enjoy your trip the best.

First, let’s get to know Nova Scotia, in biker terms. Peak riding season is from May 1st to September 30th, but locals rip around on the good days outside of that. The province (there are 10 provinces in Canada – same deal as a state in the US) is almost an island. Our population is only a million, so we’re not talking a crowded place. If you are looking for major city lifestyle partying…head to Halifax. Zero bars, but about two hundred pubs. Every town in NS has a pub or two…or it isn’t a town…so don’t worry about getting thirsty. Canada’s major highway is the Trans Canada. Stay off that the best you can – we’ve got roads that circle the entire province. Each has a name…for example, I live on the Sunrise Trail.

If you choose Nova Scotia for your visit, browse around and let me help you out. The information on this site is not free – you’ve got to promise to buy one of my creations: The Original Cabot Trail Biker T-Shirt. It’s a big price to pay, because the shirt is sold at two locations in the world only – at the very end of Nova Scotia! So if you come visit, please buy one of the shirts I made, and drop me a line to tell me if you had a good time. If there is anything I can do to make your trip better while on your Nova Scotia bike vacation, give me a call and I’ll help the best I can. Starting in June, 2023, The Original Cabot Trail Biker T is available at one location in the world - the Wreck Cove General Store. Due to some riders missing the the general store, Wreck Cove (view map), their hours are as follows:



9 am - 6 pm 


10 am - 6 pm

All my items are available at my shop where I make them, and on this website. Honor system, please do not purchase a shirt if you haven't ridden the Cabot Trail by motorcycle... or don't wear it till you make it here!

Safe and Fun Miles!

Daniel Ross

1-902-870-4630 (Call or text)

I’ve got kids so don’t call me when you’re drunk at 2am

Or email me anytime at

The tv show

I turned

into a tour

Harley-Davidson Canada and the Discovery Channel followed Daniel Ross and Sac Vasanth around the Cabot Trail. It was such an amazing tour that we wanted to make it available to everyone. Come ride with us on The Lobster Tour around the Cabot Trail.

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