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Custom or Day Tours on Your Trip

I enjoy motorcycle vacations just like you. I know how many options are out there. You may have ridden a day or three north or east to get here. Next year it may be out West. If you’re here with your friends and you really want to get to know this place, hire me out as a guide. I have additional headsets if you want an ‘in-helmet’ guide as you ride. If you’re not sick of me at the end of the day, I’m always up for a review of the rest of your trip before I leave. It’s the type of thing that no one thinks of, but after the day they can’t imagine not giving me a call.

Day Tour

Taxes included in Prices

$1000.00 CAD Per Group

Day Tour Package includes: 1 swag pack

  • The famous Cabot Trail Biker T-shirt

  • Cabot Trial Biker Sunglasses

  • Cabot Trail Biker Decal

  • Cabot Trail Biker Cap


Up to 8 riders, up to 4 headsets, and full day touring/hanging out. The price is the same no matter the size of the group

day tours lobster tour.jpg

Want me to join you?

  • A professionally guided motorcycle tour of the Cabot Trail.

    1,000 Canadian dollars
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