covid -19 travel restrictions in nova scotia

My opinions are my own and if you want to hear from the horse's mouth on what Canada and Nova Scotia are saying about the Pandemic, please go to their sites. I will change this message, of course, when things change. However, right now, based on the regional travel restrictions in place, I don't expect there to be one single visitor from outside Atlantic Canada allowed to enter Nova Scotia this summer. If you are planning a trip here, even as late as August, I suggest you choose a plan 'B' motorcycle ride, in case I'm correct. You know how much I love to promote how special the riding here is. I'm just telling you what others aren't saying. The USA/Canada border remains closed until May 21st. Officials say they will assess at that point. I can tell you now that the New Brunswick Premier will not be letting anyone into NB, so NS is out of the question even if the border did open. As of today, NB will let people go straight through to Nova Scotia. When you are here, you have to self-isolate for 14 days before you start your trip. I'd wait for 2022. I have an email list specific for those with 2021 Bike trip plans. I forward all restriction lifting updates to that list. Just email me.