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It is waaaayyy too long to explain, so I'm going to make a bullet list to address my health situation. If you're into nerdy medical stuff, you can read my old post, written before my life saving surgical/medical procedures.

  • Sept. 22, 2021 Got my C0-C2 Craniocervical Fusion (skull bolted to my neck) 
  • Oct 12, 2021 Lost 9 pints of blood via a GI Bleed, unconcious, taken to the hospital for blood infusion, stabilization... no fever on pickup
  • Developed fever, tapped spinal fluid and confirmed meningitis, given antibiotics immediately, eventually kicks in and stops the swelling in my brain.
  • October 28, washout of infected surgery site. It ripped a hole in my dura, and I was leaking CSF (cerebral spinal fluid)
  • November 2nd, washout newly placed bone graft, glued leak site, sewn back up.
  • November 16th, able to leave hospital on foot.
  • As of the 2022 riding season, I'm working fulltime and ride to work each day. I am still wear a soft collar for support riding.
  • After the riding season I'll be back to NY to get new bone graft added to secure the fusion
  • That surgery was successful and I'm 2 of 12 months into recovery and able to ride at the beginning of the riding season


... the original idea of the moose. 40 Mooses were purchased and riders sent me cool photos of wear they've been. So much fun!


The Moose of 2021, and my health woes of the past.


I am sidelined for the 2021 riding season. I have a very rare condition called craniocervical instability (CCI). I had a ski fall in January 2020 that left me with a sore neck. I kept trying to work and play like normal, but suffered from a debilitating fatigue until I was bedridden in September. I have a weakened joint where my skull sits on my spine. A craniocervical fusion is a solution where titanium rods are screwed into my vertebrae, and also into my skull so that my head will literally be screwed on straight. Due to this instability, I've had my styloid processes grow from the normal 1", to 3'' long on each side. A growth was also found on my thyroid. So I've got some serious surgeries coming up this spring, with the major fusion surgery in September. For all you medical nerds out there, the first procedure is an extraoral bilateral styloidectomy and a right sided thyroid lobectomy, concurrently. The second surgery is a two part procedure that involves intracranial traction (screws into my skull, then the machine lifts up, providing traction, 'sweet spot' is identified for positioning). I also have vascular and cerebrospinal fluid flow issues so I will be getting pressure tested at this time as well (intracranial pressure (ICP) bolt is put into my skull and it measures pressure while in traction, or sitting/standing). After my measurements are confirmed for when I feel best (I'm awake this whole time), and my vitals are perfect, they are all set to fuse me. The surgery is in New York in September. It is a 7.5 hour operating room booking. My recovery is expected to be 100%. I will have been bedridden for almost a year by the surgery date, so I'll be more limited by my strength than the surgeries. I will be able to drive a vehicle within a month (edit: I was hospitilized for over a month with menigitis and other washout surgeries... but I lived!) and definitely ride a motorcycle for 2022 (This will happen:) . I can't do my normal crazy shit for a year. Shauna is urging me to not do it again, ever:)

So, back to Mr. Moose. I would love it if you would take Mr. Moose with you on your bike this year for some road trips. I can't ride, but with your help, I can join you vicariously through Mr. Moose. If you're up for that, just tell me the name of your moose, your favourite ride this summer, and total miles. Oh, photos too, of course. Use #cabottrailmoose as your hashtag. 

Add your last name, or the name of your moose to the back of his shirt for that personal touch. I'm only selling 48 of these, so once they're gone, they're gone. Thanks for your support!

Personalized Cabot Trail Biker Moose


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